The services will be purely investment advisory in nature, as prescribed by the regulator, SEBI, from time to time and will be direct to a client model in an account which you will have to open in your name. The account so opened will be with IFAST Financial service, a Singapore based company which provides a platform for such services.

iFAST Financial India Pvt Ltd (iFAST India) is a part of iFAST Corporation Ltd (iFAST Corp), one of Asia’s largest wealth management fintech platforms. Founded and headquartered in Singapore in 2000, iFAST Corp has been listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange since 2014. Today, iFAST Corp has a presence in five markets across Asia, including Hong Kong, Malaysia, India and China. For more information on this company, you can check on

Each customer will be categorised based on a questionnaire that he or she answers. Apart from this, factores like capital allocation, investment horizon, age, job profile, dependents and other investments will also be analysed. Based on this a stock allocation covering large caps, small and mid will be done,apart from emerging quality companies in all segments. Risk appetite of customers as disclosed will also be factored into this model.The recommendations are done based on advanced technical tools combined with fundamentals of each stock, while factoring the risk reward of such investments.

Endeavour will be to give an unbiased recommendation based on the above factors to help create wealth over a period of time, to meet the goals and aspirations so set by each. In doing so the Advisor will chart out and recommend entry price, exit price and also a stop loss for each recommendation which comes from him. The capital allocation for each recommendation by way of either amount or quantity will also be recommended. These recommendations will be sent by way of text message/ mails on the registered details of each customer separately, based on which investor will have to approve the advice and place the order on the exchange directly through the online platform, These recommendations will be recorded at the Advisors end in line with the regulatory and compliance guidelines from SEBI or any other regulator, from time to time.

An advisory fee of 2% p.a of the Assets Under Advice (AUA) will be charged, billed and debited to your account at the end of each calendar quarter and is capped at Rs. 1.25 lacs per annum. The minimum investment capital will be Rs.10 lacs and the calculation of the AUA will be the average of the daily balance portfolio value.

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We are not offering any guaranteed or assured returns on any investments or recommendations. The past performance of the Investment Advisor does not indicate or assure any future performance. All investments in the share market are subject to market risk.