About Us

Your Investment Advisor

Jaideep Menon is a Commerce and Law graduate, who has cut his teeth in the ups and downs of the stock markets for 3 decades and is currently pursuing MBA in Financial Management. He is also certified by NSE Academy in Fundamental Analysis and Advanced Certification on Financial Time Series Analysis (IIT – Dhanbad).

Investment is a discipline and when this is backed with technical analysis, fundamentals, growth story in identified segments, it lays the road to financial independence. However, the most important aspect is patience. During this journey, riding the waves is critical and not jumping in the puddles created by ripples. Identifying goals and purpose for the money getting invested, assessing them periodically, allocation and reallocation of capital is a critical part of this discipline. This is a regimented task so as to achieve maximum success.

Our Vision

Enable creating wealth for customers through a planned investment approach, backed by technical analysis and fundamentals, thereby helping to achieve financial security.

Objectives and Values

Driven by Integrity and transparency, pursuit is to build an investment culture among customers. Keeping this as bedrock, products and services are designed based on the customer risk profiles, investment horizon and capital, with capital protection being the underlying principle.

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